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We are thrilled to be a preferred partner to Kingspan in introducing a new product offering, the innovative FLEXsafe Technology safety barrier systems.

Offering high performance polymer protection technology, FLEXsafe technoology is designed with flexibility at the fore so that in the event of impact the force is deflected and absorbed, gradually bringing it to a stop without creating damage.

Health and Safety statistics reveal that thousands of injuries in the workplace are caused by the movement of materials and goods. These barrier systems not only protect pedestrians in the vicinity, but also those involved at impact.

Available in a wide range of applications, including; bollards, posts, gates, barriers, railings and door frame protection. The system also offers a wide range of additional benefits, being food safe, low maintenance, easily repairable and is 100% recyclable. Additional customisable options are also available to suit your company branding requirements.

To find out more, including promotional videos to better explain the FLEXsafe technology, head to our Doors and Barrier Systems page for more information.